Costco so Popular in China, but Will It Adapt to Local Taste?

Facing challenges, Costco will likely need to make significant changes to its pre-historic strategy to adapt itself to the Chinese market.

China’s Internet Giants Rides New Wave of Burgeoning Online K-12 Market

Han chen · September 11, 2019

Online education is expected to grow into a $270 billion market by 2020. But the prominent industry isn’t without its troubles.

Didi Self-Driving Taxi: Coming Soon to Shanghai

Rebbeca Ren · September 10, 2019

Didi will soon send robotaxi fleet to Shanghai's Jiading district, where China's only Formula One track is located.

Going Viral and Causing Privacy Backlash: The Short Life of ZAO, the Chinese Deepfake App

Ran Yu · September 6, 2019

Privacy has never been a thing worry about for Chinese people. The nation’s close to 1 billion netizens was known for trading privacy for convenience and experience. But not this time.

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